Get Approval for Veterinary Access or Organisation Access to the Parvo Protection Program

In areas where Parvo Protection vaccination programs are running, local veterinary clinics can apply here to provide the subsidised vaccinations to eligible clients. If you are from a veterinary clinic and need details about your region’s program (for example, pricing we will accept from veterinary clinics for provision of vaccination services, or terms and conditions), or to enquire about a program in your region,please contact us here.

Other organisations can also apply here for access to the Parvo Protection Program, for the purpose of administering a program in your area. This would normally be a local Council or Pound, or Animal Rescue or Animal Welfare group, or Human Service Provider group (local human charity). For more information, please email please contact us here.

For all organisations including veterinary clinic staff members, to access the Parvo Protection Program database, you need to be first registered (our veterinary Parvo disease tracking and alerting system). This enables user access to both systems.

If you are already registered on please fill in your Parvo ALERT username (email address) and password, choose your Region below, and click the button “Apply for access”.

If you have not yet registered on please click here to go to the registration page first, then come back to this page to Register as a Vet Clinic or Organisation member here.

Organisation User Sign-up / Sign-in

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