About The Parvo Protection Program

About Us

ParvoPROTECT.com (The Parvo Protection Program) is a heavily discounted Canine Parvovirus vaccination program, available in select areas across Australia for disadvantaged pet-owners, to allow them to access affordable vaccinations to keep their pets safe, and to prevent the spread of this terrible disease. The program was launched in 2018 in Queensland Australia, and has steadily grown nationally ever since

The program was started by Dr Mark Kelman, a passionate veterinarian and advocate for animal health and welfare, and is run by the innovative social enterprise charity, Paws for A Purpose.


How It Works

In areas where the program operates, eligible pet owners (people holding aCommonwealth Seniors Health Card,Pensioner Concession Card,Low Income Health Care Card, or be on theJobSeeker allowance) can apply online for a heavily-discounted vaccination for their pet ($15 instead of ~$100).

These discounted vaccinations are subsidised by charity fundraising, donations, sponsors, local councils, and the generosity of participating veterinary clinics who provide the vaccinations to the charity at a ‘charity discount’.

Once approved for a discounted vaccination, the eligible pet owner is then directed to a participating veterinary hospital to book in for their vaccination, or to a volunteer-run ‘pop-up’ vaccination clinic, if these are operating in their area.

Pet Owners looking to access the program need toRegister here.