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About The Parvo Protection Program (The Parvo Protection Program) is a heavily discounted Canine Parvovirus vaccination program, available in select areas across Australia for disadvantaged pet-owners, to allow them to access affordable vaccinations to keep their pets safe, and to prevent the spread of this terrible disease

This discounted vaccination program is run by the innovative social enterprise charity, Paws for A Purpose.

“Parvo” is a disease that hurts and kills thousands of puppies Australia-wide, and one of the leading reasons for the disease to still occur today is people’s inability to afford to vaccinate their pets, especially puppies under 6 months of age, and especially in rural and regional areas. The program was started by Dr Mark Kelman, a passionate veterinarian in 2018.

Run in conjunction, a national Parvo disease surveillance and alerting system. Together, the aim of both programs is to stop Parvo disease in Australia, save puppies lives. and save families and children from the heartbreak of losing a much-loved pup or pet, to this disease.