Our goal is to stop Parvovirus across Australia

We know that people doing it tough can’t always afford vaccinations for their pets, when they need them. So we are giving them a hand. Eligible people in areas where our programs are operating can access heavily discounted vaccinations, either from a participating vet clinic, or a volunteer-run pop-up event, to keep their pets safe.

Who is eligible to receive discounted vaccinations for their pets?

Currently, to be eligible, you need to have aCommonwealth Seniors Health Card,Pensioner Concession Card,Low Income Health Care Card, or be on theJobSeeker allowance.

Where are the discounted vaccination services available?

We are currently operating in a limited number of areas, but we are expanding. Due to limited funding and limited resources we are not able to yet operate in all the areas where we are needed. To see the areas we are operating, click the “Apply for the Parvo Protection Program” button below, and view the list of areas from the first dropdown menu.

How much do the discounted vaccinations cost?

Under our program, eligible people can pay $15 for a C3 vaccination (which protects against Canine Parvovirus, Canine Distemper and Canine Hepatitis).

How come the vaccinations are so affordable?

We can offer vaccinations at this heavily discounted price due to the support of our amazing donors, our partners (including local councils), our sponsors, our fundraising, the sale of our Premium Beef Treats which raise money for the programs, and the generous vet clinics who provide discounted services.

I have a puppy, how often should I vaccinate and can I get more than one vaccination?

Puppies need to be vaccinated every month from 6-8 weeks of age until 14-16 weeks of age. A puppy can get 3 vaccinations at the discount, and you can apply for all three vaccinations at once.

I have an adult dog, are they eligible for the program?

An adult dog that has not been vaccinated within 12 months is eligible for vaccination under the program.

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